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Welcome on the website of Romantic ideas!

This website is for all lovers who want to offer a beautiful surprise to their beloved and for every person who is looking for a romantic idea to have an unforgettable date in Vienna! The event agency City Tours offers also the possibility, for every service, to book gift vouchers in order to plan an amazing surprise for a couple of friends.

The few ideas we offer on this website will be some unforgettable surprises and they will transform your romantic date in Vienna in a beautiful moment out of time.

  • Candlelight dinner on top of the Giant Ferris Wheel
    • The idea "Candlelight dinner on top of the Giant Ferris Wheel" includes the renting of one hour and a half for a cabin decorated with romantic decorations, a luxurious menu, three dishes for two people served in the Giant Ferris Wheel, some drinks and a discreet service by the Viennese restaurant of the Giant Ferris Wheel.
  • Horse-drawn carriage tours through the Romantic city of Vienna
    • After your tour in the Giant Ferris Wheel, you can admire the old town of Vienna during a ride in a Viennese carriage and then continue your sightseeing tour by a stroll in the Prater park, in order to enjoy this moment in privacy. A bottle of champagne served with two glasses will be offered to you in the carriage, this service is included in the price.
  • Take lessons of Viennese waltz
    • Whether it is a gift for a couple of friends or a surprise for your beloved, lessons of Viennese waltz can be a wonderful beginning for a romantic evening for two persons or an excellent training for a lot of famous events of the ball season in Vienna. On our website, we will present every possibility offered to learn the Viennese waltz.
  • Concert dinners
    • Especially made for visitors in love with Vienna, the musical evenings include a concert of Viennese waltz and a gala dinner, three or four dishes to choose at the Wiener Kursalon that will leave you an unforgettable memory. We will take care of your transfer if you want, from or to the Wiener Kursalon wether it's in a rental car, in a limousine or in a horse-drawn carriage.
  • Romantic serenades in Vienna
    • What a beautiful surprise to plan for your beloved a love declaration with a serenade! And for those who do not dare to sing, we offer the services of professional Viennese singers for some romantic serenades sung wherever you want in Vienna, with or without instrumental accompaniment.
  • Romantic love poems
    • Tailor-made love poems are written for a special event and they shoudn't be expensive, that's why some writters are in cooperation with us and they will create some love poems and romantic texts for you matching your desires - whether for a gift, a special event in Vienna, or simply a beautiful surprise made for your beloved.

The website of Romantic ideas is a service offered by the event agency City Tours. To have more information about the different services offered by City Tours in Vienna, please check our page Visit Vienna. For any additional question or booking, don't hesitate to contact the team of Romantic ideas by phone at the +43 1 966 02 61 or anytime, by email, at the following address: . It will be a pleasure to give you all infomation you need in order for your date, your surprise or your romantic sightseeing in Vienna to be unforgettable!