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book a Viennese waltz lesson for two people

Waltz lesson for two people

To plan a romantic incredible surprise for your beloved, trust the team of Romantic ideas which offers a private lesson of Viennese waltz for two people. A romantic gift which presents a lot of advantages, everything your partner and you have learnt during this private lesson will enable you to show this to your friends and to enjoy a dancing evening or a famous ball!

There is a reason why Vienna is called "the city of the waltz"! During the ball season and even after it, every night in all meeting places, in concert rooms, in Viennese dancing schools, there are some melodies in triple time, on which couples in love dance in harmony on the polished floor. If you want to take part in these festivities and dance to the perfection, our Viennese waltz instructors are available to teach you the basic steps. A recommendation to men: be sure to give joy to your partner by offering this gift. And no worries, learning the Viennese waltz isn't very difficult, it remains a big pleasure to learn!

Learn to waltz in Vienna

Your lesson of Viennese waltz for two people can be offered under different forms:

  • A participation to a public lesson of Viennese waltz in a Viennese dancing school (comprehension of the German language is necessary)
  • A private lesson (in English) of one hour or two, either in a dancing school out of other hours lessons, either in a small ball room, or even -if there is enough space- in your own living room!
  • A private lesson of Viennese waltz once a week for two people which takes place during a longer period, at the place of your choice

Whatever the aim you follow, by wishing to take lessons of Viennese waltz, we will help you to master this art. Do you want to learn only the basics steps to be ready for the event that will come? In that case, a private lesson of one or two hours will be enough, because basics steps of Viennese waltz are easy to learn. That's why we offer our lessons of Viennese waltz not only to Viennese people but also to visitors in love in Vienna. Do you want to take part in a ball or a in a wedding ceremony and do perfectly your waltz steps and can you devote a little more time ? In that case, we recommend a private lesson of several weeks, you will enjoy an individual and complete lesson by one of our Viennese waltz instructors. You have got a lot of choice! You can also book a gift voucher including these lessons of Viennese waltz to offer or make a surprise to a couple of friends on occasion of engagement or a wedding for example.

Book Viennese lessons or gift vouchers

The team of Romantic ideas offers more opportunities to book lessons of Viennese waltz, private or public:

  • A gift token for a public lesson of Viennese waltz in a very famous dancing school of Vienna
  • A gift voucher for a private lesson of Viennese waltz given by a famous Viennese professor
  • A gift voucher for a private lesson of Viennese waltz during a couple of weeks
  • An accelerated lesson of Viennese waltz of one or two hours at the place you prefer
  • Private lessons of Viennese waltz for two people which take place during a couple of weeks

For any question about our Viennese waltz lessons, you can contact the team of Romantic ideas by phone at the +43 1 966 02 61, or by email at the following address: to get all information you want. We will be delighted to receive a message and to advise you!